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It is a very difficult time for our company and for all of Italy. We do not know when we will be able to reopen our shop. We hope that the factory we will start production in May.
For now we are reopening the online sales.
We thank all those who, by purchasing our products online, will help to keep our company alive. Madova is an old company that celebrated 100 years of activity last year.
We inform our customers that on April 30th we will reopen our online catalogue. For the Covid-19 emergency, we assure you that all precautions will be taken sanitizing the factory itself, materials and ensuring the safety of our employees. Delivery times will be a little longer and shipments will be made using only DHL, UPS or Similar.
Shipments will not be made via the Italian Post Office ( registered air mail ).

Our family Donnini has been producing leather gloves since 1919.Back then our grandfather Amedeo produced gloves for important families and shops in Florence. Unfortunately, due to the big economical crisis, Governmen limitations and the approach of the War the production was interrupted until 1945.
    Thanks to our parents ( Ennio, Sergio, Rosanna and Maria ) and also other collaborators, our production re-opened with great success, not only within Italy, but also in the United States, Europe and Japan. Our trademark became "Madova" and in 1954 we started selling to the public in our shop in Via Guiccirdini 1R.
  Today we are proud to be the only shop in Europe (or maybe in the world) that sells and produces strictly leather gloves.
  In the last few years, us four sons (Mauro, Franco, Andrea and Silvia) entered into Madova and have increased our business and have maintened our family craftsmanship. Continuous research for new styles and colours has helped us offer a large assortment of leather gloves.
  We export around the whole world, producing all kinds of leather gloves. In our catalogue ( which is free of charge) you will find a small example of our production and if you ever have the opportunity to visit our shop, you will find a large assortment of different styles and colours.
  We are always available to help you, if you require any assistance in a selection of gloves.

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